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Why ToT is critical

The ToTs are the best method to catch up with deficit in Technologies especially in the fields of manufacturing. We import large number of Arms & Ammunition as we do not have capability to make same.Therefore if we obtain the Tech then we can make the item ourselves. As there is continuous improvement in products happening the tech also needs to be upgraded. Therefore its a continuous process. Thus whatever tech we get from principals abroad it has to be assimilated then only we can build on it further.
How to absorb and institutionalise the Tech transferred to us. We at SAPI are looking for some ideas on the issue of How, why etc of ToT.
All ToTs cost something, further as IP issues are usually linked to Tech transfer there could be provision of royalty also OR some fee.
There is need to build on the knowledge gained from assimilating the ToT based on our own requirements. This further development of Tech is the crux and is possible in several ways. We at SAPI exhort our viewers to come forward to deliberate on broad possibilities of same.

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