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Managing Border Affairs vis-a-vis China

We visualize any country through the boundaries it has. As it happens, several times, there are differences on boundary delineation with country on other side. These issues are usually legacy issues. Notwithstanding these differences, India has been managing the borders affairs thus preventing matters to precipitate. The Border management is done both internally within India as well externally with the neighbor on other side. In external management of Border we have mechanisms to engage with the respective neighbor.

Our Ambassador to China in his virtual address at MP-IDSA and Sichuan University Virtual Dialogue on 23rd Sept 2021 --( has made distinction between resolving boundary demarcation and   managing border affairs on daily basis. He further states that China has  tried to blur this sacred distinction and thus break the rules.

The address also deliberates on other macro issues thus developing very accurate and realistic perspectives of complete architecture of our relations and engagements with China.



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