Indocracy: A Framework of Democratic Governance to Optimise National Security of India

A Framework of Democratic Governance to Optimise National Security of India

“At this juncture of history, India faces a predicament that probably no major civilization has faced in its entire journey. India’s potentials and opportunities to rise as a major global power are entwined with formidable challenges. A powerful democratic India can be the biggest contributor to peace and security for the entire mankind as well as act as the biggest antidote to both radicalism and authoritarianism. But challenges in this direction are far too daunting. We shall have to virtually re-invent and re-discover ourselves.

Can India’s civil society and intelligentsia, throw up innovative but viable and sustainable perspectives in this direction? Let us brainstorm with former securocrat and ex practitioner of national security who is now an innovative strategic thinker- Jitendra Kumar Ojha.

Indocracy is not about going back to past. It is about devising a futuristic framework of governance and national security that is driven by our needs, challenges and priorities and sustainable in our own context."

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Keynote Speakers
Ajai Sahni

Executive Director, Institute for Conflict Management

Jitendra Ojha

Geopolitical-Strategic Expert


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